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Keeping your swimming pool in excellent condition

If you're the manager of a hotel or a leisure centre, and you have a pool or spa complex, it makes sense to have it looked at on a regular basis. Your guests want to be sure that the pool they're using is safe, clean and well looked after.


•  Safe

•  Clean

•  Hygienic

Hotel & leisure centre swimming pool maintenance

For all your pool repair requirements, call us on:

020 8668 1322

Domestic pools: Anywhere within a 10 mile radius of Purley. If you want to know if we can get to your commercial pool, just drop us a line. We also offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly service and maintenance plans on all types of swimming pools.

Our service area includes:

A swimming pool can last decades, as long as it's kept in excellent condition. Our specialists can come over on a regular routine to ensure everything is working correctly and that you're receiving exactly what you are paying for.


Our service and maintenance plans include water checks, making sure that the chemical balance is right, filter cleaning and pool filtration checks. For help with cracked and leaking concrete pools through to a completely new swimming pool design and installation call Purley Pools.

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